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Electrical and Security

Our team of electricians undertake our varied works across this sector which include new installations for both domestic, commercial and industrial clients.  We install fire and intruder alarms as well as CCTV and access control, again to domestic and commercial premises.

Commercial & Industrial Installations


We have been commissioned to carry out full power and lighting electrical installations for a number of themed adventure golf courses around the country, usually part of existing driving range areas, or adjacent to retail complexes.


New Eltham Methodist Church


Alongside our main construction works we were asked to design and install an effective lighting system with a 'wow' factor!  We were able to make use of the existing brass ceiling rose features and we also installed pelmet lighting to highlight the blue domed ceiling.  We then designed and introduced an LED system to the main cross of Christ with colour changing floodlights at the base of the newly erected alter. 

Seven Mills School, Tower Hamlets

We installed a boundary fencing and automated gate to improve security to control car parking and as part of fire strategy and access.

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